Selling, giving, recycling… What to do with your old books?

As the years go by, books pile up, take up space (and dust!) on our shelves. Discover some tips to get rid of your books… while earning money.

We all tend to accumulate books without really realizing it. Between children’s school books, those collected from friends or those purchased and eventually abandoned in a corner, we no longer always have the need to keep them at home. But what to do with these books? Throw them in the garbage (sacrilege!) or give them away? Zoom in on these few tips that you should like.

1. Resell directly in store

Go directly to the checkout or reception counter of your store with the items you want to get rid of and that’s it! Depending on the condition of the book, the prices offered by the bookseller can range from 0.15 to 5 euros.

2. Go through reseller sites or applications

We agree with you: moving directly to the store with whole bags of old books can quickly become restrictive. Many sites such as bebertweb or momox (also available directly on your laptop) allow you to resell your books directly from home.

What’s more, Bebertweb offers you to fill out a form with the list of books you want to sell and a bookstore owner goes directly to your home to estimate the price and buy them back for you in cash. No need to travel to ship them or have them estimated… In addition, the site donates 10% of its profits to the SPA.

On the momox side, the application allows you to scan directly the barcode of your books in order to have a live price estimate. Once the sale is validated, you just have to print the label that the site sends you, stick it on the package containing your works and drop it off at the nearest relay point. A very practical time saving.

3. Donate to individuals or associations

If you want to get rid of your books as soon as possible while giving them a second life, you can give them to associations such as “Bibliothèques Sans Frontières”, or go through platforms such as Geev that allow you to give to individuals (and not just books). A way to make room at home while doing a good deed.